IFERA 2015 Regional Forum: Call for Papers

Leadership in Family Business

The International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) and the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas (IPADE) invite you to participate at the IFERA Regional Forum 2015 to be held in Mexico, City, 10th to 13th November, 2015.

The purpose of the Regional Forum is to advance family business scholarship by (1) analyzing the state of the family business, particularly in Latin America (2) serving as a platform for presentation of carefully crafted contributions seeking to find home in top-tier academic journals, (2) advancing of papers that need further development in order to make a meaningful contribution to family business research, (3) testing of new ideas and plans that will benefit from the advice of other members of the IFERA family and our distinguished guests, and (4) raising new and relevant questions concerning family business in Latin America.  We expect half the submissions to be from Latin America, and the other half from rest of the world.

By highlighting the role of IFERA as a bridge between intellectual framings and praxis of family business, the Regional Forum brings together practitioners, scholars, and family business members to identify and advance best practices in the family business.  

About the Regional Forum Theme

The Forum invites papers on all aspects of family business research, including but not limited to succession, leadership and governance, entrepreneurship, strategy, family relationships, emotional issues, family psychology and sociology, economics, finance, and accounting, as well as issues that lie at the intersection of these and other interrelated disciplines. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome as we advance the field in a truly multi-disciplinary, creative, rigorous, reflexive, and critical fashion.

In addition, we invite papers that speak directly to the selected conference theme of “Leadership in Family Business.”

Leadership in Family Business

Leadership in family business is a delicate and important issue, because we must consider that the leader is who takes control of the company, guides not only the business but quite often the family, and, especially, ensures that leadership can be transferred from one generation to another in the best way for both the company and the family.  Frequently, leaders in a family business also play other roles in the family, particularly the role of a parent, which creates particular nuances in exercise of leadership in a family business vis a vis a non-family business.

In family business we can find different types of leadership. Family Business leaders typically balance the needs of the family with the needs of the business. The balance between these two forms of leadership is critical for the longevity of the business and family relationships, and in particular, evolution and trajectory of family goals, which has implications in turn on the future of the family business. A leadership role is also very important for family members that assume a position in government boards that will be critical for decision-making in the company and will play a fundamental role in mediating conflict that could arise between the business and the family. By dedicating the IFERA Regional Forum 2015 to the theme of “Leadership in Family Business”, the Conference particularly invites family business scholars to examine the organizational and managerial implications of Leadership in Family Business. 

Potential contributions to IFERA Regional Forum 2015 include, but are not limited to, the following questions:

  • What factors affect the leadership in family business?
  • How should be exercised leadership in family business?
  • What is the state of leadership in Latin American family businesses?
  • What kinds of leadership exist in family business?
  • What are the differences between leadership in family and non-family business?
  • How do we recognize successful leadership in a family business?
  • How do leaders manage their other relevant and competing identities (e.g. a parent, founder, entrepreneur, sibling) in the exercise of leadership?
  • How do different academic disciplines help us understand the dimensions, typologies and dynamics of leadership in family firms?
  • How may family involvement in ownership, management and governance affect the leadership?
  • Have different generations involved in the firm affect the conceptualization and exercise of leadership in the family business?
  • How do values and culture affect leadership in family business?  How do leaders embed family values and culture in the family business?
  • Broadly, what are the different kinds of leadership in family business and how this leadership affects competitiveness, growth, firm performance, and family outcomes.

In summary, the IFERA Regional Forum 2015 theme “Leadership in Family Business” encourages submissions that embrace diverse disciplinary traditions, theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches to (1) advance our understanding of leadership in Latin America Family Business (2) examine the factors that influence family business leadership, and (3) help family owners and managers, as well as policy makers and professionals engaged with family firms.